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One of the more intense emotional issues that result from divorce is child custody. During the divorce proceedings a judge makes rulings regarding child custody. Questions arise regarding the best choice for custodial rights and visitation schedules. Usually these issues are resolved during the divorce trial.

After the divorce is final questions regarding changes in child custody arise and battle lines are drawn. The court is responsible for making changes if necessary and the court usually requires evidence of conditions that are not in the best interest of the child or children to make changes if both parents cannot come to an agreement. Grandparents right of visitation must be decided on a case by case decision by the court and grandparents have no law to go to regarding their rights to visit the Grandchildren but the US Supreme court has advised parents to have a liberal attitude regarding developing a bonding between grandparents and their grandchildren. Many if not most state courts have statues that provide for grandparent visitation but these statues seem to remain on uncertain ground.

Changes in child custody and child visitation are very emotional issues and prior to asking the courts to make changes any underlying reasons should be documented. Licensed private investigators know how to collect and preserve evidence and their services in disputed child custody cases will help the court evaluate the reasons for change or status quo.

When there are issues of improper care by a custodial parent or a parent with visitation rights it is imperative to properly document all evidence of improper care for presentation to the court. If there are issues of drug use, excessive alcohol use, improper supervision, dangerous driving, driving the child or children without using seat belts or car seats and many other safety issues a properly conducted investigation can provide the trial judge with the information he needs to make all necessary changes.

Las Vegas Detectives investigators have extensive experience in collecting and preserving evidence in child custody cases and can assist you in resolving these issues within the legal system.


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